May 1998 | Number 1 | Dennis Hall, Editor

Julia Skinner
North American Editor
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Sebastian Carter
U.K. Editor
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Chip Schilling
North American Advertising
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Sebastian Carter
U.K. Advertising
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Parenthesis is the Association’s journal and deals broadly in fine and private press printing as well as bookbinding, typography, collecting, publishing and related areas. Richly illustrated in full color, it is published twice a year and is available free to FPBA members.

While it is best known for its insightful reviews of fine press books, the magazine publishes essays, commentary, news, how-to articles and profiles of presses and personalities shaping the fine printing community. Its many contributors have included Barry Moser, Denise Brady, John Randle, Michelle Cloonan, Bruce Whiteman, Caren Heft, Sebastian Carter, Jane Rodgers Siegel, Crispin Elsted, Inge Bruggeman, Alan Powers, Mark Dimunation, Paul W. Nash, and Kenneth Auchincloss.

To bring vitality and variety to Parenthesis, its production alternates between North America and Europe. In North America, Julia Skinner brings out the Fall issue, while the Spring issue is edited by Sebastian Carter in the UK.

We regret to report an error in Parentheis 37. The list of contributors failed to include Jonathan Stone, who is Associate Professor of Russian and Russian Studies and Chair of Comparative Literary Studies at Franklin & Marshall College. He is a collector of contemporary fine press and artist’s books and has scholarly interests in modernism and print culture. He is the author of The Historical Dictionary of Russian Literature, The Institutions of Russian Modernism: Conceptualizing, Publishing, and Reading Symbolism, and Decadence and Modernism in Fin-de-siècle Literature and Culture: Aesthetics and Anxiety in the 1890s.

Up to 90 de luxe members receive a special limited edition of Parenthesis which is case-bound and presented in a slip case with a parcel of items specially printed by presses from around the world. For example, past parcels have included wood engravings by Gaylord Shanilec, Frank Martin, and Simon King, printing from Henry Morris and Nicolas McDowall, pochoir by Peter Allen and Ian Beck, and a poster for the Pennyroyal Caxton Press edition of the Holy Bible. Contribute to the special portfolios here!

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