Fall 2016 | Number 31 | Robert McCamant, Editor

Chairman’s Letter

David Johnston, 1985-2015  Lisa Dunseth

Features: Harry Duncan: The Man and the Work
New England Novitiate  Harry Duncan
An Apprentice's Story  Juan Nicanor Pascoe
A Checklist of Printed Work, 1939-1997  Michael Peich and Denise Brady

Printing Letterpress Palatino  Jerry Jelly
Movable Book Artists Who Move Me Kyle Olmon
First Principles, Second Thoughts, and Final Answers  Robert Bringhurst
Fine Printing at Harvard  William Cole
THESIS: Student work from Mills College
Three Kinds of Collectors  Jean-Francois Vilain, Lynne Farrington, Mark Samuels Lasner

Book reviews, with reviewer
Trading Eights  reviewed by Crispin Elsted
On Physical Lines  reviewed by Leonard Seastone
In the Garden of Earthly Delights  reviewed Jean-François Vilain
Good Data/Bad Data  reviewed by Paul W. Romaine
Ashima & Axi Fire Festival  reviewed by Elizabeth Curren
Printess & the p.  reviewed by Oliver Clark
Typographical Ornata Et Cetera  reviewed by Jamie Murphy
The Private Press Today [exhibit]  reviewed by James Fremantle
Giambattista Bodoni  reviewed by Paul F. Gehl
Fantasies and Hard Knocks, reviewed by Mark Batty
Color in American Fine and Private Press Books  reviewed by Sebastian Carter

Books briefly noted  Paul W. Nash