Spring 2014 | Number 26 | Sebastian Carter, Editor

Editorial matter, Sebastian Carter
Chairman’s Letter, Martyn Ould
Book Fair report
Printing Historical Society, Ian Bain and David Chambers
Private press types, David McKitterick

Continental Divide 
Three presses described by their owners
The Iron Press, Charles Whitehouse
Hirundo Press, Caroline Saltzwedel
Editions Petropolis, Michael Caine

Gunnar Brusewitz, Thorsten Sjölin
Incline Press, Dennis Hall and Carol Manheim
The Bremer Presse, Richard Healy
Settle for the best, Martyn Ould
On Rilke, Jerry Kelly
Caslon Specimen

Kim Merker, Sidney Berger
Alessandro Zanella, Alessandro Corubolo

Book reviews 
Metamorphoses, Crispin Elsted
Several Parrots, Martin Salisbury
Printer's Devil, David Wakefield
The Space Between, Andrew Johnson
Orpheus the Stutterer, John Harvey
Chromatic Tales of Two Cities, Colin Martin
In Memory of Water, Paul W. Nash
Books and journals in brief

Books briefly noted, Paul W. Nash
Contributors David Evans
A book at bedtime, Swithin Crumb