Spring 2012 | Number 22 | Sebastian Carter, Editor

Editorial and Chairman’s letter
Book Fair report
Breaking rules, Mark Dimunation
The Musée de l’imprimerie, Alan Marshall
Codex Caroline, Saltzwedel
Flemish bibliophile publishers, Wilfried Onzea
J W Northend, Keith Stubley
Sally and Blake, Jason Smith
Alphabet and Image
Manhattan mariners, Simon Loxley
W A Dwiggins, Bruce Kennett

The Ideal Book, Colin Martin
Lucien Pissarro in England, Nancy Campbell
Uit de Schaduw

Sister journals 3

Book reviews
Zwiebelfische, Richard Healy
Circus, Bruce Whiteman
Ovid Press, Paul W Nash
Conversatio, Carolee Campbell
Wood Engraving, Andy English
W S Cowell, John Gray
Old Stile Press, Thorsten Sjölin
Words into wood, Miles Wigfield
Pastorale, Colin Martin
Books in brief
Books briefly noted, Paul W Nash

A book at bedtime, Swithin Crumb
Unsigned contributions are by the editor.