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Alembic Press  The Aragó Press
The Arts & Crafts Press The Avenue Press
The Barbarian Press Leo Baxendale
Bonnefant Press
Hans van Eijk prints limited editions in Dutch, English and Spanish.
Buchdruckatelier bleiklötzle
Limited editions of woodcuts, broadsides and letterpress printed books - completely hand made by the printmaker artist herself.
Linda Brownrigg
Cappella Archive
Over thirty titles are available, typeset by the Cappella PostScript Markup, laser printed on Five Seasons paper and attractively cloth-bound. 
Celtic Cross Press
Letterpress printed books, with original images - text and pictures on beautifully designed pages - poetry and short works of prose.
Chepman & Myllar Press
The finest materials and skills are used in our limited editions, with support from the best of Scotland’s craftsmen and academics.
Chester Creek Press
Our goal is to bring fresh ideas to each of our books without losing sight of the time-honored principles of typography and design.
Claire Owen - Turtle Island Press
Clare Curtis De Walden Press
edizioni del cammello
We publish books hand printed, using a traditional proof-press, illustrating them with plates from original drawings and hand bound.
The ELM Press
The ELM Press aims for a close relationship between the verbal and the visual. It creates art as books and books as art.
Enitharmon Press
Frog Hollow Press
Frog Hollow Press prints and publishes letterpressed limited editions of Canadian poetry in hard-cover, paper and chapbook formats.
(Engraving by Wesley Bates)

Gregynog Press

Hand & Eye Letterpress

Hartmut-Ortwin Feistel

Harrington and Squires

Hirundo Press
The imprint of Caroline Saltzwedel, founded in Hamburg in 1998 for the production of etchings and artist's books in small editions.
Hoopsnake Press
We publish limited edition fine art prints and artist's books.
Impact Press
Artists' publications include the bi-annual Artist's Book Yearbook. Please visit for essays, news, exhibitions and publications.
Incline Press
We think it matters: Beautiful books printed from metal type and bound by hand.

Kat Ran Press

Jane Kennelly

Jericho Press
Peter Koch, Printers
Linda Landers
Wood engraver, printmaker, and painter, and also a writer of essays, performance pieces, plays and poetry.
Lark Sparrow Press
A small press dedicated to publishing artists’ books and limited editions of short stories and poetry.

Linda M Farquharson

The Lone Oak Press
Wood engravings, etchings, illustrations and fine press books

Studio Bibliografico Marini

Medlar Press

Midnight Paper Sales
Gaylord Schanilec's press; 'everything he does is delectably collectable.'
Moving Parts Press
Moving Parts Press has published handsome and innovative books, broadsides and prints under the direction of Felicia Rice since 1977.

Offcut Editions

The Old School Press
Hand-made books for the 21st century. Our website is an Aladdin's cave!
Lots to explore.
The Old Stile Press
Books combining important texts together with
images printed from relief blocks cut by the artist/printmakers with whom we collaborate.
The One Time Press
We commission small editions of poetry in offset or letterpress on high quality paper, often illustrated and handbound.

Parrot Press

Parvenu Press
Carolyn Trant - a maker of Artist's Books

Philoxenia Press

Piccolo Press

Rampant Lions Press
One of the oldest fine presses in the world, now in its ninth decade. Creative letterpress for books and ephemera.
Redlake Press St Omers Press
Madeleine Shaw Sherwin Beach Press
Solmentes Press
Fine books designed, printed and bound by David Esslemont.
Springtide Press
Peter & Donna Thomas
We are fine press printers, hand papermakers, hand binders and book artists, and we make book earrings too.
Richard Wagener
Warwick Press
A multi-faceted fine graphic design and letterpress printing shop and a limited edition publisher.
Adam Watson Books
Using traditional materials and methods from 1000 years ago, I produce unusual, contemporary books with a tactile, sculptural feel to them.
Jim Westergard
Whittington Press
Woodbine Books  

Woodcraft Press

Woodlea Press


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